Hacked - crypto taken from Tezor wallet. HELP

Please can someone help!
I logged into my Trezor to check my balance. At the same time, 95% all my coins were transferred out. How can this happen? I have not shared my details with anyone?
Is there any chance of recovering them. Its nearly all my crypto which I hold.
I purchased Trezor as I thought it was safe.
Many thanks,

February 6th it is happen to me severl bitcoions gone in few minute… I can see the destination addresses they have 1 single transaztion withb by Bitcoins… many years of save money my life is destroied all future plan are destroyed I never imagine that someone could get access trezor on remote withou digit pin code. .it is a really disaster. I also read that several people get same problems. I think that compnay trezor have some responsability

Hi @CryptoMom and @dinastycoin,

I’m sorry to read that all your funds have been stolen.

As mentioned in several other threads on this forum, there are two likely scenarios, since each transaction must be signed using the private keys of the respective address.

  1. Someone used your physical Trezor device to confirm the transaction
  2. Your private keys (derived from your recovery seed) were compromised and the attacker used them to sign the transaction. If your seed words are revealed, anyone can clone your wallet, including your private keys.

PIN is not important, it is used only to lock your Trezor device. However, recovery seed is very important as it is used to derive all your private keys. Most likely your recovery seed has been compromised (the most common issues are phishing or if the seed backup is found by an unauthorized person).

For further information please reach out to support via the chat speech bubble in the bottom right corner on the following page:

Go onto https://revoke.cash/

Paste in The address that has been stole from

See if there is some kind of spending amount on there

Hi @ffvddfed3,

This is connected to “allowances”, which can be given to smart contracts (on ETH network and other EVM chains). Unfortunately, it is not associated with stolen BTC.

You can find more information on “allowances” in this thread: Is my Trezor Wallet Compromised after clicking a malicious link?