Got phished... Is the Trezor compromised?

I just managed to get phished for the first time, i went to a malicious site and approved something… I then lost all of the one crypto thar had the highest value in $. (everything else is still here, even some ETH)

My question is, i got several more coins and NFTs, on other chains too. Nothing else is gone yet. Do i need to move it all out and reset the trezor?

Is it safe to make a transfer? Is there an way they have access to my PK? Can i have approved something i cant see?

Trying to add two images of the txs from etherscan. thanks

I’m sorry to hear about your loss of funds.

It depends on how and what you approved on that site. The best thing to do is move your funds to a temporary wallet, reset Trezor to Factory defaults, set up Trezor from the start with a new Recovery seed, and then move your funds back to your Trezor device.

Sure, that’d normally not cause any problems so long as you check the entire send and receive addresses before doing the transfer.

Not unless you’ve revealed your Recovery seed.

Hi @Phished,

also, we can recommend revoking this allowance in case you gave it to a contract/dapp that stole your funds.

You can find more information on revoking unlimited allowances here:

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Don’t Trust in Trezor. They are involved in scam. I