Generate multiple receiving addresses upfront

Hi community,

Sorry for somewhat a stupid question. I’m going to receive an amount of ETH and for security reasons I would like to split it and ask sender to send each part to different address. When trying to prepare a list of addresses upfront I neither see a “Show new address” button on my account page (there’s only “Show full address” one) nor I’m able to create more than one ETH account (getting “Previous account is empty” – which is quite fair).

Tried both desktop (MacOS) and web wallets.

Any help greatly appreciated.

As far as I know, when a Receive address is used, Trezor will generate a new address for you next time, so try and complete the first transfer before you generate the next address and send that to him.
Preferrably use Trezor Suite for this.

Thank you Petosiris,

I do hope that I’ll be able to use a new address at least when the previous one(s) are non-empty. But the plan was to generate all the addresses in advance, this way sender could kick off all the tranches “in parallel”, instead of waiting for each transaction to settle and for the next address to send to.

According to the docs, there should be an option to generate multiple addresses within an account:

You may also use the Show new address button to generate multiple receiving addresses. This can help you in keeping track of your payments as well as maintaining a high level of privacy. For additional privacy, read also Using multiple accounts.

Ok, I wasn’t aware of that Show new address button, but then you should try using that one. :slight_smile:
It may show a new address instead of the first one, not in additon to, so you’d probably have to write the first one down (or copy to clipboard and save in a safe place) before you press the button to show a new address.

Unfortunately this button does not appear for me when I click “Receive” (using Trezor Suite). Either docs is outdated or I’m missing out something or being just blind.

Perhaps this feature is not available in Trezor Suite yet, but only on You also said earlier that you weren’t able to create new Ethereum account, is that right? I’ve never heard of that specific problem before, I must admit, but try that too with the web wallet.

Hi @zv1
In order to access ETH addresses which haven’t been used yet you can use your Trezor with any suitable 3d party app such as MEW

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Now I got what the docs says. “Show new address” button exists only in Trezor wallet ( but not in Trezor Suite. In the same time, Trezor wallet seemingly does not support ETH. (And by the way, Trezor wallet does not allow to create two BTC accounts.)

@MichalZ thanks, just checked with Metamask and it allows to use multiple addresses.

BTW feature request for Trezor Suite is quite old: