Funds Stolen from Trezor T

I have saved my Cardano on my Trezor T hardware wallet on December 2020, and I didn’t do any transaction since December 2020. I received email from Trezor on April 2022 regarding “Details of the Mailchimp data breach” and also mentioned in the email that "Below you will find specific data belonging to you which was stolen in the attack. Data stolen in the attack “Your email address, Your IP address, an approximate location based on your internet provider”. I tried to login my Trezor T in June 2023 and I cannot found my Cardano on my Trezor T Hardware wallet and when I check my history it shows there was one transaction in 31st January 2023 and all my Cardanos was sent. This is unauthorized transaction and look like it was stolen. I would like to appeal Trezor T to investigate this transaction and recover my Cardanos back to me.

Do you think there is a virus on your computer that can extract the seed phrase from your Trezor device?

Or do you want to blame the Trezor company for doing this in stealth mode?

I just want to say people “Do not trust on Trezor”.

I have no doubt about it.


There are only two ways for funds to move:

Someone had access to your physical device

Someone had access to your recovery seed words and passphrase (if used)

The compromise of these does not put your funds in danger

This has nothing to do with trezor.

The code is open source you are free to verify it yourself.

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Both Ways are not applicable. No one has access to my physical device accept me. No one has access to my recovery seed words and passphrase accept me. Only one way is Trezor developer were involved.

Trezor is fully open source to anyone, feel free to review the code or have it reviewed by someone.