Formatting the transaction summary on the device for unknown tokens


When sending tokens that are not known to the Trezor device it will format the transaction as followed:

1000000000000000000 Wei UNKN to 0xabc...

Would there be a way to format these transactions so it’s more clear what is actually being transfered? The application knows the amount of decimals of the token and has the ticker. So would there be a way to manually format that summary so it takes in account decimals or tickers that I provide?

Not really. Trezor device cannot trust this information coming from the PC. Otherwise, well, malware, basically.

Consider an unrecognized token $BLING$ that got super valuable yesterday, and another unrecognized token TETR, which is a worthless thing you get for free and use to buy Tetris blocks in a web game.
Malware can now intercept info you send to your Trezor and claim that you’re paying another 10 000 TETR to the service, while actually sending out your $BLING$ tokens.

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Fair enough and makes perfect sense.