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Hello, I do not remember exactly what phrase I entered. As a result, I have now lost access to a very important part of the deposit for me. I have to go through a lot of different options to find out the password, is there any way to optimize this process? Also, please advise, can it be that when I first entered a passphrase in metamask and chose from the list of purses not on the first page, now when you enter a passphrase in trezor suit, it may not see the desired purse and will write that it is empty, although the phrase is correct? I tried so many options, I was sure I used one of them, but I’m not sure if the trezor wallet created by the passphrase in metamask may not see trezor suit with the same passphrase. Help please.

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Hi @Bogdan43506122,

If you don’t remember your Passphrase you won’t get access to the wallet you assigned it to. I don’t know of anything that can speed up the process of entering your Passphrase. It’s entered when you connect your Trezor with the USB cable, enter your PIN (if enabled) and log in to your Hidden wallet, then you confirm it on the Trezor.

If you enter a different Passphrase than the one you assigned to the Hidden wallet, a new and empty Hidden wallet will be created for you instead of opening your existing Hidden wallet.

You must enter the Passphrase exactly as you created it. Characters are case sensitive and space is also a valid character. So, for example, if the original Passphrase you made is “Birthday cake” and you enter “Birthday Cake” or “Birthdaycake” or “BirthdayCake” then a new Hidden wallet will be created for you instead of opening the original Hidden wallet.

Note that Passphrase on Metamask and in your Trezor are two different things. Passphrase in Metamask (if used) is for protecting native Metamask accounts. Passphrase in Trezor is for access to any Hidden wallets you created and then possibly connected with Metamask. Please do not use the same Passphrase on Metamask and Trezor, as this is a security risk and can lead to loss of funds.

Using a Passphrase on Metamask may function differently. This answer focus on Passphrase use in Trezor. Metamask support is outside the scope of this forum.

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Hi, @Petosiris,
thank you, for your reply! That’s exactly the last paragraph about me, because I created a trezor with the passphrase in metamask, not in trezor suite. The problem is that the process of finding the correct password in metamask is about one attempt every 6-7 minutes, because metamask hangs on the wrong passphrase. Perhaps Trezor support could help clarify the difference between the Trezor passphrase created in metamask and the passphrase created in Trezor’s suite?

Maybe, but this is really a question for Metamask support. You probably get an answer just as quick from them if you contact them directly. There may also be answers in a help article Metamask already have made. Look for a FAQ or something on the Metamask site.

there is no difference at all, it is same passphrase and you are using wrong one.

See more here:

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Yeah, right. I was thinking about Metamask’s Passphrase vs. Trezor’s Passphrase when I replied earlier. Sorry, my bad. When working with a Hidden Trezor wallet connected to Metamask, then you need to remember your Trezor Passphrase, @Bogdan43506122.

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