Forbidden key path- Electrum

They have sent me bitcoin through an Rbtc bridge to derivationpath m/44h/60h/0h. I see the funds in electrum, but when I want to send them to get them out of there it gives me that error and doesn’t let me move them.

I need help.

Hi @Josar79166302,

Most likely you are trying to send your funds to the address derived on a different derivation path. You need to change the “Safety checks” to “Prompt”. It can be done in the “Settings” under the “Device” tab:

After you change the Safety checks, close Trezor Suite and try to send the transaction again. Do not disconnect your Trezor device as the Safety checks are reset to default (Strict) after the Trezor is reconnected.

Is there a way to make the safety check “Prompt” permanently? Currently it resets every time we plug it in again.

Hi @kakako,

Yes, there is the option to set it permanently. Trezorctl needs to be used.

Information on how to install trezorctl:
Windows: Install and use trezorctl on Windows.
Mac: Install and use trezorctl on MacOS

After the installation, type this command

trezorctl set safety-checks prompt --always

and confirm on the Trezor device.