Flux on Trezor Suite or Use Metamask?

Hi all, I recently attempted a test transaction with a very small amount of FLUX to trezor suite. I used an ERC-20 address and FLUX can be counted as an ERC-20 token. I did see the transaction go through on Trezor Suite. However, it was displayed as an “unrecognized token” as if it were a scam transaction even though it was me who sent it from a CEX. My question is should I send the remaining large amount to Trezor Suite or should I connect my trezor to metamask and simply hold my FLUX tokens there? I appreciate the advice and guidance.

Hi @Gab56,

FLUX shouldn’t be listed in the “Unrecognized tokens” group. May I ask you to share the contract address of the FLUX token that you have in your wallet?

Hi I just checked the transaction details and here is the contract for the FLUX token I sent: 0x720CD16b011b987Da3518fbf38c3071d4F0D1495

I’m surprised it is in the unrecognized section. Sent from Binance on ERC-20 chain. Please let me know if I made any mistakes in my transfer.

@Gab56 thank you for providing the contract address. I can confirm that this FLUX ERC20 token is legit. The contract address is not recognized as this token already moved to its mainnet (which is not supported by Trezor devices).

However, token with this contract address is legit. It can be received or sent without problems.