Flare Token Support

How do I add Flare token to the model T? The website says it supports it but it is no where to be found.

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Hi @JuguitoJuguitz1221,

Flare Token (1FLR) is a token on the Polygon network. This network is supported by Trezor devices as every other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). However, it is not natively supported in Trezor Suite. You need to use 3rd party app to access tokens on the Polygon network. For example, MetaMask can be used. Information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found at https://trezor.io/learn/a/metamask-and-trezor

Then the Polygon network needs to be added to MetaMask. Information on how to do it can be found in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et4AP4SUa4E&list=PLE-cdsNF-LxdQgCTPUhy89NZPP2kbXre2&index=12&pp=iAQB

Lastly, you need to add the desired token to MetaMask connected to the Polygon network. Click on “+ Import tokens”:

and insert contract address of Flare Token (0x5f0197ba06860dac7e31258bdf749f92b6a636d4) to form “Token Contract Address”, select “Add Custom Tokens” and “Import Tokens”

You should be able to see and manage Flare Token (1FLR) on the ETH address generated securely by Trezor device via your MetaMask extension connected to the Polygon network.

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