First User problems


I bought a Trezor Model T and received it yesterday. Problems started straight away, my pc wouldn’t recognise it so I ended up installing the usb software that I found in the support forum. This worked and the Trezor Model T was recognised so I continued with the installation process. Now this is where things went bad, there were 2 options, one for an existing wallet and one to create a new wallet. After multiple attempts I got 2 error messages error: device call in progress and error: aborted by timeout. Nothing would work and in the end the software advised that I should unplug the Trezor and contact support. When I submitted my ticket they said it could take up to a week to respond!

Not a good experience so far, I feel like I have paid for a bricked unit and am left with it with no way of actually speaking to anyone that can help. I really am regretting my decision at the moment so I am hoping there may be someone on the forum that can help me to get the unit working without having to wait a week for a response that could then be answered by me and then I will have to wait another week for a response, I could be looking at weeks and weeks just to get this resolved. Not happy. I just wanted a smooth experience and expected one with the cost of the unit (not cheap!)

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Hi @chemicalbrother,

We are sorry for the complications that you have with installing your Trezor device. From your description, it looks like there is no major issue and our agent that responded to the ticket you opened will help you to initialize your Trezor device. Please, respond to the answer you received to your email address.