Firmware upgrade to enable duress pins

A Duress PIN is a security feature that protects your coins in the event of the $5 wrench attack. Duress PINs can unlock a decoy wallet, destroy the seed on entry, or create a countdown to customizable “brick modes”. If you find yourself in a duress scenario, these tools give you confidence that attackers won’t be able to access your primary keys. Would it be possible to enable these additional features through a firmware upgrade? If so, yes. I would suggest that the Trezor developers do so.

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Let me add this to strengthen my request: The physical transport of crypto assets across borders will increasingly trigger foreign exchange regulations. Keeping your Trezor in your pocket while passing through customs and immigration is usually safe. However, in a worst-case scenario, the friendly officer may require you to unlock not only your phone, but also your Trezor. In this case, it would be an added layer of protection to use the duress PIN to wipe the Trezor. This would have a much deeper impact than relying on the hidden wallet feature.

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there is already a wipe pin on trezor… is this no good?

I just put the wipe pin on a piece of paper in the box with the trezor.
Then is someone wants to use my trezor, the pin is there ready for them.



as @doge mentioned, we already have this feature implemented.

“Friendly officer” at the borders can’t know if you have any hidden wallet on your device, so having couple bucks on the Standard wallet is a way to go.

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