Father recently died, I have his Trezor PIN & recovery seed, now what?

Hi, my father recently died and I have a note he left behind that included his PIN # and recovery seed. I have not found the physical Model T he had, so is there a way to recover his assets without it? Or do I need to find the Model T to recover it? I’m very much a newbie/ignorant to the Trezor stuff so any beginner help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Be really careful !!!

Anyone sees the seed they take it all !
Anyone gets the model T and has the PIN, they take it all.

Read the learn section on trezor website. ASAP.


Hello @hgoodman,

I am sorry about what happened.

If you find the Trezor device and you can access the device with the PIN, you can download the Trezor Suite app from our website and access the wallet and its funds.

As mentioned above, if anybody finds the Trezor device and has the PIN code, they will have access to its funds. The same applies to the recovery seed - anybody can clone the wallet based on the recovery seed and manage the funds on it.

If you don’t find the Trezor device, you can recover the wallet via a software wallet, such as Exodus or TrustWallet. But we don’t recommend this option, as there are online threats and potential risks of your recovery seed being compromised(spyware, malware, etc.).

Please check your local inheritance laws. If you are not the 100% heir, it may be a criminal offense to take the coins outside of an official process.