Fantom transfer confirmed but does´nt show in Trezor?

Hi, went through a guide to transfer Fantom to my Trezor. In the suite I added the FTM token in the ETH account, then pressed the receive button to get the full adress to paste in my Atomic Wallet where I sended from. I´ve got a nice green transaction confirmed but the Fantom does´nt show up!?

Still have´nt got them visible in my Trezor! The Atomic Wallet confirms that the transaction was completed successfully, and the funds reached the destination address.

I can see them at FTM-scan and it seems correct with my ETH adress (erc20), so why does it still shows 0FTM under tokens in my Ethereum #1?

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Even though I added the FTM token before I transfered the FTM to Trezor it won´t appears in the suite. But in I can track it down and see that the ETH adress is mine and it is all in place.

Please help me to move the tokens to the right place?

Also, why does the added tokens in my ETH account in the suite disapears when eject the Trezor. I´ve added several tokens but they are gone each time I “logging out”.

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You most likely transferred it on FTM network instead of ETH.

it is possible to use other chains via 3rd party wallets such as Rabby or Metamask.

I suggest using Rabby wallet, this will discover the majority of chains automatically.

You can install the Chrome extension or desktop app from here:

Click to Add address, Hardware wallets, select Trezor and follow the prompts, you will see your coins automatically.

So if I go this way to find the FTM-tokens automatically - what action would you recommend to transfer the in the right way to my Trezor wallet. I like to collect every possible coins to the same place. Should I convert/swap or just try to send the over again - and in that case how do I make sure they show up this time?

if you want to see the token in Suite you need to send them on ETH network, so you need to send them back wherever you got them and use ETH network to send again to Trezor. Or use some bridge, but I do not have any recommendation for that.

Are you familiar with Rabby and know if I can send directly to Trezor? Or do I have to detour all the way back to the origin, Atomic Wallet - and lose even more fees?

Could you help me to find the right adress if I give it one more try? I´ve added the token several times but it disapears when logging out - I suppose as long as the balance is 0 FTM!?

Should I pick the adress Im getting when press the button “receive” in my Ethereum #1 or should I press the link next to the token, and use the “Contract Fantom Token (FTM)”?

You do not need to add tokens manually, your tokens are not there because you sent them on FTM network.

Please, follow instructions above. If you see them in Rabby, they are already on your Trezor address.

Your options:

  1. Leave them there.

  2. Sent them wherever you got them, and then back to Trezor address using ETHEREUM network if you want to see them in Sutie.

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So if I want to have a good view of my little portfolio in my Suite, and the asset is on the Fantom Opera network - how do I swap it to resend using the ETHEREUM network? As for now I´ve tried to swap it on Coinbase, but it does´nt work.

You have to talk to their support, as far as I know it might not be possible to choose other network on Coinbase, so you might have to look for other exchange.