Fantastically Screwed Up My New Model T

Does my copy via Trezor Suite apply to me since I’ve never used it?

"Wipe memory

This removes all of this Trezor’s memory, including its seed. Only wipe your device if you have your recovery seed on hand or there are no funds stored on this device."

Any advice on how to wipe it as new device?

Hi again,

Not sure what you did, but why do you want to wipe it? Any error message or situation?

I just screwed up badly. It’s just amazing how much I f**ked it up.

SOOOOOOO much stuff went wrong it is unusable.

I just want to make it new again.

Then you can wipe it from Trezor Suite. The wipe function is in Settings → Device → Danger area. That will wipe everything. Then unplug your Trezor T and plug it in again, which will start the setup from the beginning.

But please read Getting started in 5 steps - Trezor Wiki
Note: Don’t forget to write down your private seed/key (the 12 english words)!

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Thank you So much for your help!

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Woo hoo! Everything worked except ‘backup failed’ which (I think) I can live with for now.

Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

No, backup failed probably means that you entered some words incorrectly when you were asked to check it. It’s very important that you write down the 12 words in the correct order and that you have checked it afterwards. It’s not possible to do another backup later! And if you don’t have the backup then you cannot recover your funds at a later time!

Please check your backup now with a Dry run recovery, before you begin to transfer coins to your Trezor. If that check doesn’t pass then you don’t have a usable/valid private seed and must make a new one by doing everything from start again. I’m sorry, but this is necessary.

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I wiped it again. I’ll try again when I’m not such an idiot constantly getting it wrong.

Thank you for your prompt response now that I understand a single error is quite serious.

Thank you so much.

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Glad to be of help. Come back if you need more guidance later. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Due to my dyslexia, is there a map of trustworthy people I can hire to get my Motel T 100% right. My luck is running out - screwed up many many times.

Luckily, thus far I have been able to fix it multiple times per this website.

I know this an absurd question. Just asking.

I don’t know of any map/list like that, and if you go out in cyberspace and try to find one the chances are high that you’ll find a scammer who will try to rob you from your funds (if you had any in the Trezor). Can your father help you, or anyone else in you family?

As I understand it, the problem you are facing now is the private seed and its backup procedure. It’s difficult to help you with that from here, because I/we don’t see the screen you see. Besides, you shouldn’t post your seed here anyway, since this is a public forum and it’d soon be snapped up by untrustworthy people. So this has to be done locally, where you are.

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Find a family member to help . Don’t trust a third party of any kind.