Factory reset after after setup

Hello guys,
here a quick question to be 100% sure about what I’m doing.

I bought a Trezor Model T, carefully backup my seed phrase (of course offline, on a paper) and send some BTC to my address.

I checked multiple times with the tool provided if the seed phrase is correct.

Now, for security purposes, I would like to reset my device (factory reset) and forgot about it for some time.

I assume that in future, all I will have to do is to restore it with my seed phrase or buy another one and restore it with the seed phrase. Correct?

To make it simple, I would like to increase the security by resetting my device with the factory reset tool and just want to be sure I’m not kind of “deleting” my assets.

Thank you,

Yes that is correct, as long as you have your verified recovery seed you will be able to recover your wallet anytime using any wallet that supports BIP39.

So do not worry, you are not deleting your assets as they are not even on your device but on blockchain respektively on the addresses derived from your private key that is backed up by your recovery seed.