Exodus not showing default Trezor wallet

So I’m in contact with the support for this issue since two weeks. They are very eager but everything they write and tell how it should be, isn’t.

I got BTC/LTC on the default Suite wallet with passphrase option disabled. If I open up Exodus and let it connect with the device, an empty wallet is created with no coins on it. I tried several options and get nowhere. Anyone knows a fix here?

If the Trezor Suite wasn’t so incomplete, without a mobil version and out of logic what information it is showing (the chart is useless), I would just use that. It completely out of my mind why the TerzorSuite just don’t copy the most common UI parts every other wallet decided to be standard. Coinbase showing a price action chart of your portfolio which is easy and fast to read. Anyway off topic in some way

hi @Mike8050

I believe the issue is that you have your coins on Native Segwit account, that is the latest type of BTC/LTC and Exodus does not support it.

More here: Getting started with Exodus and Trezor - Exodus Support

Doesn’t explain why LTC is not showing either

@Mike8050 yes, as I mentioned in my last post LTC uses same system, it has new version of account in Suite by default

So it the same issue with LTC? Can this be configured. I guess I have to ask Exodus when this issue will be fixed? For me it is a misleading advertising since YT/web presence promotes it as full compatible which is obviously not.

@Mike8050 it is fully compatible, you just have to add Segwit accounts in Suite and move it there, but otherwise yes, it is the “issue” of Exodus

also as for your initial post, Suite can be used on mobile (Android) via web https://suite.trezor.io/web/, Android app is in the works

Could you explain this? Above you said they are already in Segwit type of account and that is the reason why exodus isn’t seeing the coins? Now I have to create one segwit account in Suite?

@Mike8050 no, I said your funds are in NativeSegwit (starts with bc1)

That one is not supported in Exodus, you have to add Segwit (that starts with 3)

Please read more here: Bitcoin Addresses and How to Use them | by SatoshiLabs | Nov, 2020 | Trezor Blog

Same goes for LTC, just different format

Not the best naming convention decision to be honest. Generally speaking, one would distinguish two objects efficient by calling them object1 and object2, then there is no unnecessary misunderstanding. There is nothing “native” about the crypto universe.
Anyway I stand that this is false advertising on the side of Exodus. It not compatible to begin with. This obvious on setting up the hole product. Both products feel uncomplete and this is in the end important in product design…
Anyway this can be closed

@Mike8050 these are cryptocurrency standards that whole world
uses, not just Exodus or Trezor.

The naming is actually quite straightforward as explained in the article…

We are constantly working on Suite and releasing new versions regularly.
You can see what are we working on here: Trezor · Suite · Roadmap 🔥 · GitHub

I use Trezor with Exodus Wallet.

I transferred BTC, ETH, Dogecoin to this wallet a few months ago.

Exodus still shows the correct balances, but my Trezor wallet is empty with no transaction history.

When I connect my Trezor with Exodus, I’m unable to access any coins, as the Trezor is empty.

Am I doing something wrong here?

I’m sure my hidden wallet showed the right balances a few months ago when I transferred the funds from Exodus to Trezor.


Just to be clear, when I connect to my Trezor through the suite software, not Exodus, both the standard and hidden wallets show empty with no transaction history.

I’m sure the hidden wallet showed the correct coins when I looked a few months ago.

No one has had access to the Trezor or my seeds, and if they had, wouldn’t there be some sort of transaction recorded?


@DocProfit if you see no transaction history, then you are using wrong passphrase.

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