Exchange issues

I did an exchange for usdt to eth in the Trezor suite. I’ve done this successfully a few times. this time is was not doing what it usually does… anyways I tried to redo it a few times w no success.

an hour goes by and now it took my money and says approved transaction. and my usdt is now out of my Trezor. there has not been any movement showing my eth coming back to my Trezor.

it looks like I just sent usdt to an exchange wallet and that’s it.

not sure what to do. I know its not lost.

Hi @goodidea,

I found the ticket that you opened with official support and I see the issue is resolved now.

I would like to mention, that the processing time of the trade can take hours or even a few days before the trade is successfully completed. The time it takes differs for the used partner and is affected by their internal processes.