Exchange crypto in Trezor Suite

Hello everyone!

I’ve tried to exchange some usdt for ether in Trezor Suite and its been over 2 hours now waiting for
the blockchain to confirm the approval transaction.

Any idea how long could take or is it stuck, and if there is anything I can do.

Next day update,

The transaction fees have been charged and the status of the transaction is approved but the exchange has not happen none of the usdt’s have been exchanged for Ether. My balance remains the same except the transaction fees that have been removed

Should I wait?

Or that was it?

Is there a danger of loosing the amount of usdt that I approved to be exchanged for Ether and if so how can I cancel that approval?

Thanks in advance!

The wait time depends on how much gas you allowed when the transaction was submitted. If the gas was low, the wait time can be long or the transaction can be canceled after a while because no one want to confirm it.

What’s the transaction status when you look it up in (“approved” is not one of the statuses)