Exchange BTC to USDC via ChangeHero


Yesterday I tried to exchange BTC to USDC using the Trezor app. I choosed ChangeHero for the transaction.
The transaction became finalized after a while but I did not get the USDC tokens.
I contacted ChangeHero via web-chat and they replied this:


Thanks for waiting! Looks like the initial hash was replaced and the amount is incorrect. This transaction is fixed, so the amount should be the same. We’ll check if we are able to push it

We need some time to check it, please leave your email and we’ll notify you once there’s an update


What does this mean?

Btw. In the Trezor App, if I navigate to the BTC and select “Exchange” button it shows me that the Exchange is in Pending.

But in the main view, I can see that the transaction status is Final.

It is confusing to me.


I suppose you used RBF to speed up transaction, that replaced the original one, exchanges have issues with that, as they said, you need to wait until they resolve on their end.

Trezor does not facilitate trades, best to resolve with Changehero support.

Thanks for the reply.
You are right, I used RBF.
Is this a well known general issue with exchanges or specific to ChangeHero?

What if it is not get fixed in a certain period of time? Can I do anything with it?
How long should I wait normally?

specific to some exchanges in general, you have to wait and keep communication with their support. They will most likely ask for a confirmation from you for manual swap or a refund in case the rate is slightly different.

Eventually, ChangeHero Support team fixed the exchange and transferred the amount to my wallet.
I’m still waiting for the confirmation that the root cause was the RBF.

Thanks @forgi for the support.
Kudos to ChangeHero Support team.