Ethereum sent to HECO chain


i sent some ethereum from huobi to my wallet, but nothing happened. The transaction is successful according to, but my wallet is still empty. Is there a problem with HECO chain transaction?

What should i do now please?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Kal82,

I’m not familiar with “HECO chain” transactions, but if you did everything correctly and used the Ethereum network for the transfer, it should show up in your wallet soon. If not, please provide more information about your transaction in this thread. Be sure to smudge/grey out any sensitive data if you post any images here.

Thank you for your reply.

I am a complete newbie, so i carefully sent just the minimum amount (0.05 ETH) from huobi exchange to my wallet to try it out.

I chose HECO chain thanks to it lower fees instead of ETH chain. It was obviously a bad choice as nothing arrived.

I read some topics here later on, installed MetaMask, but even there my wallet is empty. If I check my wallet by etherscan it is empty, and the transaction is not known there.

Transaction hash is 0x6176c4a75d1a06bbbc99bba4a170dc2e841b2697a27d4bdcbee1b8bb263b5550 and i can only found it on Also there address of my wallet seems to have the right balance.

How to get the money to my trezor wallet please? I am completely lost without any idea :frowning:

I honestly don’t know. Have you contacted Heco support about this? They’re probably the best qualified to help you, since it’s their own chain/network. Or maybe someone else here knows about Heco Chain.

Ehm, i have just tried, but emails came back as undelivered…

I have just add Heco chain mainnet to Metamask and i can see the ETH tokens there in my trezor 1 in MetaMask.

However, I have no idea what to do with it. I can not send it anywhere, when I try to send it, it says “no conversion rate available” and also insufficient balance of gas etc.

I am lost totally :frowning:

After all, i received an anwer from Huobi HECO chain support telling the transaction is successful and they can not help me in any way, advising me:

*If the transaction is successful but the balance is not updated in your wallet, it could be because the recipient’s wallet does not support the token in the transaction or it does not support the network altogether.

However, seeing as there are also other possible reasons for this and as we do not have the authority or knowledge to provide the most accurate answer on this subject matter, we would recommend contacting your wallet or exchange service provider directly as they are in a better position to assist you.

No idea if anybody from Trezor can help me somehow here :frowning:

You will need to buy and send some Huobi Tokens (HT) to the same address to pay for gas. It seems that the average fee is ~$0.01 so if you send $1 worth of HT, that should be more than enough.

Afterwards, you will need to send your pegged Eth back to the exchange. Then you will be able to withdraw as Ethereum.

Thank you very much for your reply. I will try it like this !

One more question please… I have HT bought in my Houbi and I am ready to withdraw it to my trezor wallet (i.e. to the same address to pay the gas). The address was ETH account in Trezor. So I would send HT to this ETH wallet and Trezor will be able to work with HT under ETH wallet? If not, I will be able to find these HT in Metamask to pay for gas?

Sorry for a stupid question, but I am a total newbie. Thank you in advance for your reply.

You must send the HT to the same addres where your stuck tokens are. This is to pay for gas fees for transferring the tokens out.

This will have no effect on whether Trezor sees the tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

You said that you successfully connected to the HECO chain via Metamask. If that’s the case, you will need to use Metamask to send the tokens out.

“no conversion rate available” is not a critical error, it only means that Metamask can’t show you the amount in fiat.
“insufficient balance of gas” is however a critical error, you can’t send out the tokens without gas. By sending HT, you are adding the gas you need.

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Excellent! It worked, money back in Huobi and ready to send to Trezor as ETH.

Problem solved, thank you very much, sir! :+1:


Hi @Kal82 @matejcik
I am facing same issue. Can you guide me step by step how to do it. I have transferred HT from my metamask to my wallet on ETH address but nothing happen. Normally how much time does it to reflect? … Still can you guide me through steps.

what chain does Huobi Token stored in your metamask ?
is it in your matamask eth wallet ?
if it used heco chain , it can be send to trezor suite

Ok. My situation is bit more weird. but this channel is my only hope where i found same situation like mine.
Here you Go:
I transferred ETH from to my Coinbase Wallet by using Heco Chain Network. Now i have not received my ETH to my Coinbase Wallet as they don’t support Heco Network. Now i tried above steps to Transfer HT from my to same ETH wallet address using Heco Network again to release Txn and also i sent HT from metamask to same ETH address but in both the Cases wallet haven’t received any HT or ETH. I really need help from you guys to guide me through this.
When i open my transaction under HRC-20 token with token named “Heco-Peg ETH Token”.
Am not getting anything and struggling a lot

no matter what you transfer make sure both sides use the same chain , or you may lose your coin .
ask gate if they can help with some money .
why did you use heco chain to do things that erc20 chain can do ?

send “Heco-Peg ETH Token” back to . it’s your eth in heco chain

@BtcLtc I used heco chain network because of low transaction Fees but realized mistake later on that ETH is now stuck never reached any wallet.

Can you guide me how shall i do it. Because i can only see this "Heco-Peg ETH Token” in transaction detail not in wallet or anywhere else. Don’t know how to send it back to

Ask the customer service of the gate if they can get it back for a fee. If they can’t get it back, then the eth on the Huobi chain will be lost.
Sometimes, I would rather spend a high fee to avoid the loss of principal.
Always understand what exchanges, what wallets, what kinds of coins and what kinds of chains are supported. Otherwise, no matter how much the profit is, it may be lost in vain.

@BtcLtc I have recovered my ETH with the above process took me while but definitely big thanks to you for guiding it through. And as we say “Lesson Learnt” with Huobi experience :slight_smile: … Wishing you and your loved ones wonderful Holiday season!