Ethereum disappeared from my wallet What happened?

I logged into the account after a month and the Ethereum account appears at 0. In transactions it appears that all the money was sent to another address. I would like to know what happened?
I only logged into the account to see the money available.
I always use Suite but I also looked at the web. I have all the available security activated and I always update the Trezor.
Thanks in advance

Hi, @Brazzik04,

It’s hard to know what the cause of this is, but since a normal transfer from your Trezor would need to be signed with the device, there are only three possibilites left as far as I know:

  1. You’re looking in the wrong wallet.
  2. Someone else had physically access to your Trezor device and did the transfer.
  3. You somehow revealed your seed to someone and they emptied your funds directly from the blockchain.

Normally, I’d say that option 1 is the most likely cause, but since you see the transactions and don’t recognize them this option is less likely.

Can you tell more about what you remember, if anything? Have you been asked about your seed by anyone, maybe the leaflet you wrote it down on was seen by anyone, or you wrote it somewhere online? Is it possible you don’t remember transferring the Ethereum to another wallet, maybe a Hidden wallet on your Device?

Thanks for answering.
The wallet is saved and the backup and its seed on paper. Nobody accesses the house because I live alone and I have not told anyone that I use crypto. After a month, I plugged the trezor into the usb and at the same hour and minutes a transaction took place.
When analyzing the time, it was at the same moment of connecting the usb.
I have all the transaction data in the history as well as the data of where it was sent.
Again thank you very much.
All the best.

Hi @Brazzik04, I am sorry to read that! Please submit a ticket at and post your ticket ID here. One of our agents will get back to you soon and will help you find out what has happened.