ETH/USDT sent from not showing up on Trezor Model one

Hi All, Appreciate any help and advice you can give.

I recently sent a small amount of ETH as a test to my Trezor Model one from
Firstly is ETH/USDT supported by the model one?
I have double checked all the address information and confirmed they are correct. The transaction is also showing up on etherscan as successful. The address of my model one is also correct in the white paper transaction on my account. Transaction of 0.002 was sent as a test. Any ideas what might have gone wrong? Thanks in advance.

Search your wallet address at this URL to check your balance

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Thank you for you reply: here is the result: Address 0x92124c7952e58287e2c50A6162bB4164a2F49933 | Arbiscan

I have checked theTrezor one wallet address is correct.

Is your wallet balance still showing 0?

There is no credit on the trezor one. Do you mean the exchange address?

I am referring to the address balance of your receiving wallet.

receiving wallet balance is showing as zero. I’ve schecked the outgoing transaction and it is showing as sent on the exchange.

Can you give me the first few digits of the eth wallet address of your trezor device?

Here are the first few digits of the wallet sending address: # 0xD7a827FB

first few digits of Eth receiving address on trezor: 0x92124c7952


Is this the address of your trezor wallet?

Sorry can you translate that please.


Is this the address of your trezor wallet?

0x92124c7952e is the receiving address for Eth on the Trezor one

on the websit it shows there is 0.001 ETH on it .
you cann’t see it in your suite ?

Dashboard portfolio says $0.00

send a screenshot here

Enter your eth wallet and check the balance and address

no transactions yet, no tokens yet