ETH sent using BSC Network on Binance

My ETH disappeared trying to transfer from Binance. Why can’t I talk to someone?

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Hi, which network have you used to transfer your ETH from Binance to Trezor? Binance has multiple choices how to send each coin.

Hi, I would have chosen the cheapest one which is a Binance one.

To reconfirm, are we talking about BSC - Binance smart chain?

Yes. I just checked, Definitely Binance Smart Chain Network. Not Chain and not Eth.

It is very important to select proper network when sending coins out of Binance. Ethereum should always be sent using Ethereum network.

You should be able to recover your ETH. Have a look how to do it here: Using Trezor One in BSC Network - #2 by kolin please.

This is impossible. The binance instructions are full of holes. I can connect Metamask to the smart chain network and connect my trezor to metamask but apart from that I don’t see how I can find my Eth. There’s not enough controls. I supposedly got 1 BNB from the testnet but I can’t see it and don’t know what good that’s supposed to do but from thereon the info on binance is out of date.

I’ve found the transaction on bscscan but I have no idea what to do with it or how to move it onto any kind of wallet.

Have you connected the correct ETH account from Trezor to your Metamask? You need to connect the account which you used to send your ETH to.

I don’t know. After connecting trezor to metamask I now have an account on Metamask called Trezor1 that actually contains the missing ETH. There is no reference to this using Trezor suite and there doesn’t seem to be a way to move the Eth or transfer it or anything. But I can see it. It was a token.

Have you checked this Binance manual how to recover it?

The initial issue is you have used wrong network to send your ETH. Since Binance Smart Chain is not supported by our Wallet, it needs to be recovered using Metamask.

I don’t know how to do that. I’ve tried everything. I tried to send the balance of eth I found to my trezor only to find that I was sending it to the same address and it failed anyway. As I said, I can see the ETH on Metamask but I have no idea what I can do with it. If I change network to ethereum network it disappears.

What you can try is to open new ETH account in your Trezor Wallet or Trezor Suite (depending what you are using) and send it to newly generated address of that new ETH account.

I tried to open a new Eth account on trezor suite but no that’s not possible because there is already an empty account for that. I tried sending through MEW and that failed too. The eth can only be seen on metamask when it’s set to smart chain network. How do I get it out of this? Maybe convert to another token that is universally accepted?

This device is supposed to be the latest but if it’s this hard then it’s never going to take off. Would I be better off getting a Ledger?

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Well, this is not about Trezor itself. This is about Binance making it very confusing and dangerous to lose your funds to let you send various tokens using various networks. The issue is Binance lets you sent tokens using completely different blockchain and it is independent of wallets. I suggest to have a look on this great video, where it is explained how to recover it.

Hi, have 12 days ago i sent from BINANCE to ETH WALLET TREZOR SUITE 0x2346a3E7570aB6CCc8db323BD5e688248Cba0562

If you check the transacción is confirmed, but in Trezor suite wallet do not show nothing.

But if i try to use MetaMask. i can not see this wallet… just show others wallet…
at Mycripto and at MYETHE i can see the ETH amount but i can not make any transfer because when i try both platform ask me for a Sign and the trezor suite do not have this option.

I’m very seriously considering getting a ledger instead. This Trezor is NOT user friendly. I’ve wasted hundreds of hours trying to recover my tokens and the Trezor support is horrific. My next endeavor is to spread my nightmare all over social media so nobody buys this garbage.

Hello support team of trezor,
I’ve withdrew ETH from Binance and transfered to Hardware wallet.
I transfered to wrong chain, are there any way I can transfer back the ETH
or are there anything I could do to get it back
Transfering proof:

Hi @Memo,

Please see kolin’s replies in this forum thread, if that can help you.

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