ETH pooled staking on Kiln — When on Trezor devices?

Last month, Ledger announced that they will support pooled ETH staking via Kiln.

This will allow you to stake any amount of ETH and receive rewards directly in ETH, not via a liquid staking token (e.g. stETH, rETH).

When will Trezor support this service? If this already exists, how can users access this?

Before anyone responds and suggests Lido DAO, I know that you can stake ETH on a Trezor device through Metamask. However, you need to go through services such as Lido DAO or Rocket Pool and convert ETH to liquid staking derivatives (LSDs), e.g., stETH or rETH, respectively.

Pooled ETH and direct ETH rewards eliminates any de-peg risk with these LSDs, albeit a low risk…at least so far.


Here is a link to the Ledger’s announcement.

Hi @CryptoLogic,

native staking of ETH in Trezor Suite is in our pipeline and it will be implemented in future releases of Trezor Suite. However, we cannot provide you with any ETA currently.