ETH Mystery Address + Exodus address?

Wondering if anyone can help me out with an ETH address conundrum:

I have connected Trezor/Exodus wallets. I transferred ETH from Exodus to Trezor but it is not actually in Trezor and I cannot figure out how to access it.

  1. Etherscan shows ETH going from address A to address B

  2. Exodus states that address A is Exodus address and that address B is Trezor (sounds good so far).

  3. HOWEVER, in Trezor Suite, Trezor states that address A is Trezor receive address and that ETH was sent to address B (the exact address that Exodus is stating is Trezor receive address) huh?

  4. Exodus displays the ETH as in Trezor wallet, but I can’t access it, move it, etc. On Trezor Suite end, ETH appears to display (on the bar graph) as having received and sent at the same time but 0 ETH balance in Trezor.

  5. Etherscan shows address B as still having the correct amount of ETH sent still in it.

Could someone help me out with how to access ETH in address B?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @ojulius

As already stated in the ticket, there are two options:

  • Your funds are either on your Exodus standalone wallet (thus not displaying in Suite)
  • ​You had it received on addresses derived from your Trezor recovery seed and passphrase and by not entering the same input (combination of recovery seed + passphrase) you are accessing wrong wallet.

if different seed and/or a different passphrase is used then the private key differs and cannot be used. In such case, previously generated wallets/accounts in third-party apps would become watch only wallets without the possibility spending the funds.(which I think is your case as well).