ETH: Between Two Ferns?

Can someone help a brother out?

I’ve sent both ETH and QNT from my Exodus Wallet to my Trezor. Exodus shows both listed now in my balance but in “Hardware Wallet” however, the balance is not in my Trezor. Everything checks out in with regards to the ETH but I am unable to see nor access the balance in my Trezor.

<ding!ding!ding!> Bonus question for you please: I have the exact opposite issue as well: BTC showing in my Trezor but no balance showing in Exodus under the “My Trezor” tab (it shows the ETH & QNT which won’t show in my actual Trezor) .

Thank you in advance for all of your help.

Hi @ojulius

Regarding the first inquiry:
This might be issue related to internal Txs. However I can’t tell you more as I don’t have more information. Could you please get back to me in PM and provide TxID ? thx

The bonus one:
Exous wallet paired with Trezor does not support other addresses than SegWit so if you’d used Native SegWit or Legacy it won’t display…
More info in following link:

But again, to be sure I need more information…

Thank you for providing TxID @ojulius

There might be more reasons for you not being able to see the transaction in question in Trezor Suite.
Could you please answer following:
Have you manually added desired ERC20 token ?
Do you use Trezor Suite desktop app or browser wallet ?
If you use the app, do you also use Tor feature ?
Thanks for the answer in advance.

Let me get to those questions:

  1. I have not manually added the desired ERC20 token.
  2. I am using the desktop app on a Mac.
  3. I am not using the Tor feature but do use a VPN.

Thanks @ojulius

Could you please try to add token manually?:
please navigate to your ETH account in Trezor Suite and click on three dots (right up corner) and add token address: 0x4a220e6096b25eadb88358cb44068a3248254675


OK, done. I just added the token address as instructed.

And has it been reflected in your balance / are you able to see the token transfer in the transaction history now ?

No. Still no ETH or QNT balance.

alright, then the only possible explanation could be that the transaction you provided used EIP 1559 proposal and that one is not gonna be reflected by Suite at the moment.

However if you use Trezor model T you can use compatible 3rd party app (such as Exodus or MEW) and manage your coins there (being also the reason why you are able to see this transaction in your Exodus wallet and not Trezor Suite).

OK, I appreciate the help and the level of attention. I had transferred the coins from Exodus to My Trezor which I thought was the right way to go given the seamlessness. What do I do then to get them back into Exodus?

I assume that you were transferring funds from Exodus hot wallet, right?
Please note that you have transferred your funds to the addresses derived from your recovery seed always securely kept offline on your Trezor. You just can’t use Trezor interface (Suite) to manage them, at the moment.
However you can pair your device with Exodus wallet (so there is no need to transfer them again).
More info in following link:

Also please bear in mind that because of limit of Exodus you can use only one ETH address (the first one if already used) other addresses won’t be revealed however you can still use another 3rd party app such as MEW where is no limit:

Yes, transferred from Exodus hot wallet. I’m confused because my Exodus wallet is paired with my Trezor. I guess I’m too much in the ‘rookie’ league here because I’m confused as to how I can recover both the ETH and the QNT I transferred into My Trezor via the paired Exodus/Trezor. For example, if I’d like to either move them both BACK into my Exodus wallet (or the MEW for that matter).

Both the ETH and QNT are showing in my Exodus Wallet as in my Trezor, but I can’t access them in Exodus, then when I switch to my Trezor Suite, there is absolutely no sign of them there at all.

Again, thanks for your time MichalZ, I appreciate the assistance and it speaks well for Trezor’s customer service!


Could you please submit an issue using this form ?
And get back to me here with a ticket ID (it will be in the subject of email you will receive right after).

We will continue troubleshooting the issue via email as some sensitive information (such as wallet screenshots) might be required.
Thank you for understanding (:

Ticket ID: 100114

Thank you.

Thank you, your ticket has been answered.