ETC lost in Trezor Suite ▫

Hi, I don’t know if it’s due to a new update, but I only noticed it after the update.

I had created one ETH wallet and ETC in it. When I did it, it looked nice in the Trezor Suite app. Now, after more than a month, I’ve noticed that there are no more ETCs or transactions in that wallet.

I have now also tried to search for ETC by assigning an ETC wallet but without success.

To summarize, I have an ETH wallet where I have sent an ETC. Then it was displayed correctly there, now I don’t see anything in that ETH wallet. The address matches the address where I sent it.

Can anyone help me? Here is a transaction that went to the trezor wallet Balance of 0xFBAC39dB3D8d76d6eec244AF7eEde91f786f6EB9 | Emerald Receipt


I found this sollution ETC von extern, an meine ETH adresse in Trezor versendet

There is some ETC connection issues, so maybe thats the problem. In transaction history is everything fine 0xFBAC39dB3D8d76d6eec244AF7eEde91f786f6EB9 - Ethereum Classic Explorer so I will check it later.

Hi @David
If you sent ETC to ETH address, then the solution you found is the right one. Should you need any further assistance, reach out.

This morgning I tried again and its working, so I send it to ETC wallet.

So thanks, should be close :slight_smile: