"Error writing wallet from hardware device" when trying to create a Monero wallet

I have followed the instructions on the wiki (Monero (XMR) - Trezor Wiki) to create a wallet in the Monero GUI. However, at step 5 I get this error message when trying to create the wallet: “Error writing wallet from hardware device: check application logs”

In the logs, I have the following errors:
ERROR|device.trezor.transport|src/device_trezor/trezor/transport.cpp:1168|BridgeTransport enumeration failed:Bridge enumeration failed
ERROR|device.trezor|src/device_trezor/device_trezor_base.cpp:148|Open exception: Unable to open libusb device
ERROR|account|src/cryptonote_basic/account.cpp:218|Device connect failed

The device works perfectly in Trezor suite, has the latest firmware and is properly connected to the PC. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting many times, and even restarted the PC, but I am still getting the error. Any idea what may be wrong?

Are you running Suite at the same time? It might be a good idea to close it.

No, I am not running Suite at the same time. The last thing I tried was to reboot the PC to make sure Suite was not running in the background or using the USB connection. I ran the Monero GUI right after rebooting the PC and still got the same error.

@matejcik I finally solved this issue by installing Trezor Bridge. Since the Bridge seems to be a requirement to connect to the Monero GUI, it would be a good idea to update the Monero tutorial in the trezor wiki (Monero (XMR) - Trezor Wiki) with that information, as it is it not mentioned anywhere.

Thanks for the tip.

I believe I understand the problem now: several updates ago, Windows 10 disabled access to Trezor to unprivileged processes. If that’s the case, running Monero GUI as admin would help.