[ERC20 Withdraw] Not enough ETH gas fee error

Hello everyone,

So today I tried to withdraw some of my erc20 tokens from Trezor Suite to an exchange and I received the following error. I don’t have ETH in my wallet and when I select any one of my ERC20 tokens I get the message “Not enough ETH to cover transaction fee”. When I look at withdrawing for ETH it has an extra box to the right where a fiat amount can be put. This is not present for any of my ERC20 tokens.

Does that mean that I now have to buy ETH and send it to all my wallets before I can withdraw my ERC20 tokens?

I would find that weird because I know that friends have not done that for their ERC20 tokens and I have seen several videos on YT where just an amount of USD/EUR is taken from the ERC20 token value to cover for the gas fees. Similar to how exchanges are charging you for transfering funds, is this also possible for Trezor Suite?

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I think the error means that you need some ETH to cover gas fees for the transaction. Gas is the fee that miners get for verifying your transaction. Trezor Suite doesn’t take any fees itself.
See https://ethgasstation.info/ or https://www.gasnow.org/ for how much gas you’d need.