Erc-20 value status

Wondering if it’s normal that the ERC-20 tokens total value isn’t shown in the general UI.
I see the total amount of the tokens just not the calculated value like you do w bitcoin, eth etc.
Assuming this is normal but wanted to clarify.

Any info is appreciated thanks.

Hi @Dtrez0,

I can confirm that you should be able to see the fiat value of your ERC20 tokens in the “Tokens” tab. We are aware that fiat values for ERC20 tokens are not currently displayed in Trezor Suite for some users. Our developers are working on solving this issue. You can find information about this bug at FIAT Value of ETH tokens is not showing · Issue #9163 · trezor/trezor-suite · GitHub 32

Right now, the only option is to count the fiat value of the ERC20 manually. You can use for example for getting the latest fiat value rate.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, I believe this issue will be solved as soon as possible.

OK great thanks for the info/reply.
I can do the math until it gets resolved, no problem.

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Hello, I also have the same problem. I transferred UNI and MKR off exchange to my Trezor today, the two ERC20 tokens balance appears, but not the fiat value. Hence when I look at my dashboard, there is no $ value increase in my holdings (i.e. my Ethereum #2 account has a $0 fiat balance but you can see the number of tokens I have in there). When will this be fixed?

Hi @Keystone_1,

Our developers are working on the fix of this bug and it should be released soon.

Good evening all,

I’m in desperate need of some assistance. I attempted to transfer Shiba Inu and Pepe tokens from my Crypto account to my Trezor Model T wallet. I verified the tokens on the Trezor website before making the transfer. I added Ethereum, clicked on the receive tab, and proceeded with the transfer. On the crypto platform, I chose the desired token and started the process. I made sure to use ERC20 when making the transfer. I also used my phone to scan QR code to ensure no mistake was made. I am able to see the token on the Trezor platform when I click on the Tokens tab but it doesn’t reflect in the dollar amount.

I am currently using version 23.12.3

Thank you

Hi @Joseandrade83,

First, I would like to put your mind at ease. If you can see your ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite, you store them securely with your Trezor device. You just cannot see the fiat value of these ERC20 tokens.

The issue with missing fiat value is described above in this thread. Our developers working on the fix and it should be released in the next version of Trezor Suite.