ERC 20 Tokens not displaying in dashboard now

My ERC20 tokens used to display in my Trezor Model T, but now they do not. All of the transactions from when I sent the tokens to my Trezor are there, so how can I see my tokens? I did already select the ERC tokens, but still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I needed to add one more thing. I logged back in to my Trezor account today, and following some advice I got, I was able to now see how many of each of the 2 different tokens I have in the ERC20 section. The amount of each appears to be correct. Problem is, it doesn’t show the values, and I have no way of doing anything with these tokens. Looks like I have no control over them at all. Also, why would there be many, many thousands of pages of transaction ID’s? I’m not sure what is going on with this, but I sure hope someone can shed some light on these issues.

For the first part, you will find ERC20 tokens in the Ethereum account in the tokens tab, and there you can see the amount and fiat value. For the second part, please contact our Trezor support:

Thanks for the info.
One thing I accidently left out of my previous post is, this only started happening right after doing the latest upgrade I was prompted to do. Up until the upgrade, I didn’t have any of these issues.