Eos and avax from bep 20 to erc network how to do, binance peg coins


  1. coins like avax and eos once you have moved from binance to mew or encrypt chrome extension, thru bep20 network, when these coins arrive it shows binance peg-eos and binance peg-avax, do they remain of the same value like eos and avax.
  2. any way to move them back or swap them from bep 20 bsc network to erc 20 ethereum network on encrypt chrome extension?
  3. when you want to change from binance peg avax to avax, or binance peg eos to eos, you have to send it to binance exchange only or any exchange is ok to send and change.
  4. is their a treat if the coins are in binance peg and binance exchange closes down/or runs into problems.
    Kindly advice on these please.

Hi @Sanjay,

find answers to your questions below:

  1. The reason why you see AVAX and EOS you sent from Binance as BEP20 tokens (Binance-Peg AVAX and Binance-Peg EOS) is that you sent them via the BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The price from EOS as ERC20 token or from AVAX as a native coin on the Avalanche network can differ as these are different tokens (BEP20).

  2. To move them back you need to send them back to the exchange (Binance) and then send them to your ETH address again, this time you need to use proper networks - Ethereum network if you want to have EOS as ERC20 token and Avalanche chain if you want to have AVAX as a native coin on Avalanche network. Remember that you will need BNB for paying gas fee on BSC (for sending BEP20 tokens back to the exchange).
    You will be able to see EOS as ERC20 token in Trezor Suite under your ETH account (“Tokens” tab), however you will not be able to see AVAX as native coin on Avalanche chain, since this chain is not natively supported in Trezor Suite (it is only supported in Trezor devices). It means that you will need to use 3rd party app that supports Trezor devices and also Avalanche chain.
    You can use MetaMask, information on how to connect Trezor with MetaMask can be found here: How to use Trezor with MetaMask - YouTube
    After you connect your ETH address to MetaMask, you need to add Avalanche chain to MetaMask, information on how to do it can be found here: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor - YouTube (Polygon is used as an example in this video, to add Avalanche chain you need to find and add “Avalanche C-chain” on chainlist.org)

  3. I suggest using Binance.

  4. You can run into problems with BEP20 tokens if the BSC will have some issues.

hi radek p.

problem is binance is automatically selecting the bsc network upon withdrawl as the only matched network, even if the coins are erc 20 token ( whether 3rd party or not ), they dont give you a choice of eth erc 20 netowrk to select, as such if you want to move then you have to choose bsc network only, and after the coins are transfered to trezor T it shows as binance peg-eos and binance peg-avax on bsc network. i did a test for these 2 coins for small amounts and found this. many other coins same problem in binance, cant choose eth network upoon withdrawl.

is their any other way to get them to trezor T wallet

is binance safe to hold these coins, hearing so much negative news these days.

in this case you suggest better leave those coins in binance/ku coin exchanges.

It seems highly improbable that Binance does not support ETH network, please find more information here: How Do I Deposit/Withdraw Cryptocurrency on Binance | how to,deposit,withdraw,withdrawal,guide
the ETH network is mentioned there, if you are not able to choose ETH network, please contact Binance support.

I would also like to mention that if you have any tokens stored on the ETH address generated by Trezor, you have these tokens stored and protected with Trezor no matter they are on BSC. You only can’t see the tokens in Trezor Suite as BSC is not supported in this wallet. However, private key for the ETH address is still safely stored in your Trezor.

It is recommended to have private keys for your coins in your possession than rely on any exchange. You can find more information here: Why you need a hardware wallet. Ready to join the Bitcoin revolution… | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

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binance support team does not reply how to change from bsc to erc 20 network for withdrawls of certian coins, their only matched network only shows bsc network as the matched network, no other choice.
also once the coins are transfered to trezor T wallet and you connect it to the ether wallet or google extension encrypt, under the bsc network you can see those coins but as binance peg-eos and binance peg-avax, not as eos and avax since erc 20 network was not used from binance upon withdrawl.
i uderstand u r protected with the private key in your possession
thanks and regards