Envio pendiente para intercambio de eth por btc

Hola, cambie eth por btc , hace 12 horas y me dice pendiente, cuando llega la transaccion?.Esta es la transaccion 0.331329 ETH

0.024285 BTC

EXCHANGE • 27 ago 2022, 23:59 •


ID Trans.:7adccb15d93385


Hi @fede,

the reason why your exchange from ETH to BTC was not completed yet is that the partner you choose for this exchange (ChangeNOW) didn’t receive ETH yet. Most likely, you set a low gas price (transaction fee) when sending ETH transaction to ChangeNOW. Right now, you need to bump the fee so the transaction can be confirmed. You can find information on how to bump the fee (increase gas price) in this post: Trezor Suite updates March 2021. Update to the latest version (21.3.1)… | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog