Entropy generated from Computer

Hi there, I was curious how random the entropy generated from the computer Trezor is attached to? How exactly is it done? If the computer is offline will it affect this? I know some wallets gather hardware information etc. Would entropy be similar if generated on the same computer?


That really depends on what wallet software is running on the computer.

Trezor Suite uses the crypto.randomBytes call to get OS-provided entropy. This is the most correct way to generate cryptographic entropy that is available to applications.


Not unless your operating system is seriously broken (in which case it’s inadvisable to do anything at all on that computer).
The whole point of “entropy” is that it’s completely unpredictable. On modern operating systems, this is indeed the case.

Even if your host-provided entropy is bad, though, Trezor mixes it with internal entropy, so overall the generated seed will still be good.