Enhancing Label Storage: Local Option for Improved Accessibility

Suggesting an enhancement. It would be helpful to have an option to store encrypted labels on the computer, not just Google Drive and Dropbox. Currently, labels disappear within 2 days, likely due to Google Drive communication issues, affecting stability. With local storage, labels could be on Drive/Dropbox, plus a computer alternative, eliminating internet need.

Appreciate the consideration and look forward to improvements.

There already is an option to do this:

Thank you very much. Wow, what a lack of attention on my part

I’m having difficulty. I’ve been using Google to save the labels, but after disabling sync with the Trezor site in my Google account, I can’t see the screen you mentioned for saving the label locally on my computer. How can I access that screen?
Captura de Tela 2023-08-25 às 15.47.57

It is there by default, try to update your Suite. Is your Trezor connected?

Thank you very much, I succeeded, everything went well.

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