Empty wallet! Passphrase issue

Trezor , you really need to respond!

Almost had a heart attack today! I plugged my Model T into the Mac, entered PIN, entered passphrase, confirmed on device and got an empty wallet!

Tried a few times and got an empty wallet. Tried one last time and finally got the balance…my god the relief!

There is was NO typo!!! I checked and re-checked like a hawk!!!

Is using hidden wallets safe? What if I didn’t get my balance? I see in this forums others are having the same problem!

What the f*cj Trezor! This is a software issue and you are silent!! Respond to your customers!

Hello, feel free to have the code reviewed, it is open source and publicly available.

Mate, I didn’t mean to be that negative but after almost getting a heart attack I got super angry.

How do I find my accounts derivation path? After reading a bit I see that’s one thing that would be useful to note down especially with the use of passphrase.

Really appreciate your help! I’m still super worried I will get the same situation again.

Again sorry for my initial language. Calmed down after a good night sleep

Nothing better than a good night sleep!

@BayGanyo most certainly you are inputting a different passphrase than the original.
Check double check and check again.

You can check this link Coins' BIP-44 Paths - Trezor Firmware

But as soon as you add a passphrase the path to your funds will change.

Hope this helps

Definitely calmed down but still worried that the matter will occur today.

After reading a lot on derivation paths, XPUBs etc I understand it important to note both. I can see the club but how do I find the derivation path?