Emails from Trezor appear as a Phishing Attack

I have received three emails, from the same place with the same content.

Sender of the emails:
[email protected]

Important update regarding the latest firmware

The “Update Trezor” button has got this link attached:||478375277||&

Yet when I go into Tresor Suite, it says that my Trezor device has got the latest firmware.

These emails arrived to a dedicated email address that is only used with Trezor, NOONE ELSE.

So, is this a phisihing attack?
Has Trezor been hacked, hence someone has got my email address that I have dedicated to Trezor?

This is 100% phishing attack. Thanks for reporting.

If you also provide the headers. This helps in tracking the phisher.

Looks like the mail is coming from an E-Mail Sending Provider (ESP) called Active Campaign. I have sent them an abuse report.

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