Electrum does not recognize my Trezor

Is here anyone, who experience the same problem while trying install electrum with Trezor?
I didnt find anything helpful on the forum or guides. Electrum always send the same error message:

“trezor: (error getting device infos)
Unsupported Trezor model”

I have also tried to check for authenticity of my wallet in Trezor Suite but device is authentic.
Thanks for help.

Hi, what model do you have ? I reckon it is Trezor Safe 3 ?
In such case pls stay tuned, it is work in progress (on Electrum side):

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aw… I see now thanks for help. But is there any other way to make RBF for unconfirmed transaction sent from exodus to Trezor without using Electrum?

yes, you should be able to do this directly in Trezor Suite using CPFP (Child Pays For Parent) bumping technique:

Navigate to the account where you have previously generated that BTC receiving address (there should be your pending transaction listed in the TX history).

Click on send button and the Coin control feature:

It is basically a UTXO selector that allows you to choose input for your transaction.
In this case you are going to use the address where you are still expecting to receive your BTC (as it is still pending). So you are going to compose and broadcast new transaction (Child) that will pay for your previous one (Parent).

  • as a recipient of this new (child) transaction, you can use e.g. address generated in another of your account within Trezor Suite interface.

It is important to set the appropriate fee for the child transaction as the miners should be attracted by the fee used in the child transaction to confirm both transactions (the child transaction can be confirmed only if the parent transaction is confirmed first).

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It succeeded. Thanks for the help I appreciate it! :handshake: