Ejected standard Wallet

Please help me out

I was using my Standard wallet then at the end I clicked on “EJECT” after that I cannot see my funds anymore. After read the information below I created a hidden wallet because there’s no option to create a “ADD WALLET” only “ADD HIDDEN WALLET.”

Eject removes the wallet from view while Trezor Suite is running. Ejecting a passphrase-protected hidden wallet requires the user to enter the passphrase again. Ejecting a standard wallet will stop tracking address balances. To find the wallet again, click Add wallet , or reconnect and unlock your Trezor.

I created a hidden wallet with passphrase, but even after that, I cant see my funds. The address for the new one is different that that one I sent the funds. I Always use only the PIN to move funds from to my wallet.
PLEASE Someone had already the same issue??? How to solve it?
I appreciate any help!!!

what happens if you click “Click to discover wallet”?

Its the photo number 2.

And if I have more then one hidden wallet where would will be the others? inside the #1? doesn’t make any sense!
Thanks for any help!!