Don't See ETH Transfer from Coinbase

I sent the transfer on August 3… I just checked my Trezor again to see if the ETH had miraculously appeared, but no such luck.

In this thread, someone else had asked for the TxID earlier, but that communication is no longer posted. What’s up with that?

Thoughts on either the missing ETH or the missing post? (I’m just trying to understand how this space works… and I wouldn’t want to try to transfer more ETH from Coinbase to Trezor if it doesn’t show up.)

Thank you!

Well, I found the “missing” post! Yay! If I could re-locate the missing ETH, that would be fantastic!

Thank you for your interest and help in this matter!


I can’t see any missing post in this forum thread but you probably found it in another thread? What’s the address?

About the missing ETH - please search for your transaction in by entering your Transaction ID (TX ID) there, to see the status of the transaction. Please don’t post your TX ID here in public, as it can be privacy concerns.

If the transaction status is Pending then it’s still being held up, probably due to too little gas. The miners prioritize transactions with higher gas. However, Coinbase usually provide sufficent gas for you, so if you didn’t change it then I think the problem isn’t gas problems.

If you see your transaction as Completed it should’ve arrived to the address you provided.

Another status possibility is Internal. If you see that, please read this thread for explanation.

Do you use the Passhrase feature in Trezor and, if so, did you use it for this ETH transfer? You may have looked in the wrong wallet on Trezor. If you enter your Passhrase incorrectly your Trezor device will create a new and empty wallet for you with that Passphrase instead of opening the old one.

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Thank you so much for all of your insights, Petosiris! It seems that I’m on a steep learning curve!

It turns out that the transaction was internal, but I am still figuring out what this means exactly…

At least I can see the amount now when I link my Trezor to my MetaMask wallet.

I appreciate all of your help!

Internal transactions are byproducts of Ethereum smart contracts and not real transactions. See here for more info:

Just glad I could help, Heidi. :slight_smile: Yes, it’s a lot to learn when you start with a hardware wallet like Trezor, but if you read articles, blogs and this forum, you’ll learn quickly. I myself started with Trezor a year ago and still have a lot to learn.

Thank you for the article, Petosiris! I’ve read it, and I’ve read others online that I dug up through searches.

Here’s what I still don’t understand:
Can an internal transfer become an actual transfer? If so, how would I convert it from being in this sort of limbo space to actually having the ETH in my Trezor in the way that other ETH amounts are in my Trezor?

Also, does this mean that all of my transfers out of Coinbase will be internal transfers? Is that just how that is with Coinbase? (I’ve been using Coinbase for onboarding, but am considering switching exchanges if my transfers into my cold storage wallet never actually show up as transfers into my cold storage wallet.)

I didn’t even know that an “internal transfer” was a possibility, so now I’m trying to understand how to avoid it going forward…

Any advice?


Internal transactions are not real transactions with money, so you cannot convert them to real money transactions. Internal transactions are not a specific thing with Coinbase, they are used everywhere when Ethereum makes smart contracts. You can’t avoid them, just ignore them.

Your money transfer generates another transaction, which is the one that should deposit ETH from Coinbase into your Trezor wallet.

Then you have received the ETH but I’m puzzled as to why you can’t see it directly in your Trezor because both your Trezor device and Trezor suite software support ETH natively and so it shouldn’t be necessary to use a 3rd party site to see the amount in your wallet. Double check your wallet’s receive address and compare it with the send address you used in Coinbase to see if they match.

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Coinbase has started to use internal transactions recently so yes, that is the issue here.

You’re saying that other exchanges don’t use internal transactions?

some use them and some don’t… those who do, they do it to save on transaction fees.

So, these are my questions:

Is there any way to make an “internal transaction” not an internal transaction? Or, in other words, can I move the ETH from my MetaMask-linked-with-Trezor account into my Trezor?

Does this mean that any transfers I make from my ETH purchases on Coinbase never actually leave Coinbase?

What are the implications of “internal transactions”?

I’m still trying to understand how this works exactly…

Thank you!


Sure. If you have ETH in a Metamask account you can move it to your Trezor. Note that there are two types of Metamask accounts in your case – native Metamask accounts and Trezor connected Metamask accounts. If your ETH is in a Metamask account connected/linked to Trezor, then the ETH are already in your Trezor. Please check the Receive Address again and if it’s in a Hidden wallet in your Trezor.

My guess is that you transferred your ETH from Coinbase to a native Metamask account, not connected to Trezor. So you can simply make a Receive Address in your ETH account in Trezor and then transfer the ETH from Metamask to it. Please check and double check that the Receive Address is correct before you do the transfer.

Note that it’s not necessary to go through Metamask at all when you transfer ETH to your Trezor. You can do it directly, since ETH is supported in Trezor suite. Only coins that are supported by Trezor, but not Trezor suite, may be necessary to see/handle through a 3rd party site like Metamask.


Nothing. You shouldn’t worry about them.

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I had the same exact issue. Internal transaction from CBP.

I launched the Trezor suite on Desktop then just sent MAX Eth from myself to myself. This worked so my ETH balance is now showing the full expected amount.

Hope this helps.

I did the same thing as Heidi except I chose Polygon network. I used the ETH address from my trezor suite wallet. I’ve done everything recommended above. I setup MM and connected my trezor and found the ETH address to link. I really would like to move the coins either back to CBP or have them secured in trezor.

Hi @mmario,

If you used the Polygon network, your ETH are on this network. You need to change from ETH network to Polygon network to see them in your MetaMask.

Find more information in video from this post:

Also, remember that you will need some MATIC for paying a fee to be able to send your ETH back to CBP.

@radekP Thank you for responding. I added the Polygon network to my MM by following the steps in the video. it is showing that i have 0 MATIC. on my address is also showing 0 MATIC, however there is a balance of WETH. How do i get the WETH balance to show on my Trezor connected MM wallet? is there a way to add WETH to the Polygon network wallet?

@mmario you need to add WETH (wrapped ETH) to your MetaMask (on the Polygon network):

Please select “import tokens” on the MetaMask extension main page:


Select “Custom token”, paste contract address of WETH, which can be found on Polygonscan: 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619 (

and click on “Add custom token” and confirm once more:


You should be able to see and manage your ETH on the Polygon network then. Please, note that they are not real ETH (on ETH blockchain) but WETH (so-called wrapped ETH on Polygon network). To be able to transfer them back to the ETH network, you need to send them back to your exchange and then send them again to your ETH address, but this time be sure you use the proper ETH network (most likely you will have to pay higher transaction fees)

@radekP Thank you so much! I am able to see my WETH in MM, Yay! Before I transfer back to cbp i want to make sure i’m understanding. Can i send this to my regular ETH portfolio on cbp? i get this warning:
Screenshot 2022-09-07 222027
After clicking “i understand”, do i change the network to Polygon? here:
Screenshot 2022-09-07 222330

As i was typing this reply, i decided to try what i said above with a fraction of my balance. When i went to send tokens from MM, a dialog warning says “insufficient funds for gas”. I’m not able to pull gas from the WETH? that’s the only asset i have in MM. do i need to add MATIC for gas? Also, please let me know if i’m doing the cbp correct by sending to ETH.

Thanks for your time!

I found this post helpful

and i’m planning to send some MATIC from cbp to mm, do you agree?

(Sorry, i keep editing this post. I’m learning so much.)
Or should i swap in MM my WETH for MATIC?? and transfer MATIC to cbp.


I can confirm you need to send your WETH from MetaMask to Coinbase using the Polygon network. Also, you need some MATIC on the address with your WETH to pay gas for this transaction (if you do not have any, it is the reason why you see “insufficient funds for gas” message)

After you send your ETH back to Coinbase, you can send them back to your ETH address, this time make sure to choose proper ETH network.

Hello, guys, I am next in line… I Have sent yesterday 0.8ETH to my Trezor wallet and the funds did not appear on my wallet even after 20+hours. I have , naturally , contacted Coinbase support, provided the necessary links, the y stated that from their end everything was correct.

I have created an accoutn here, wrote to Trezor support. Unfortunately, me, too, got the transaction marked as “int”.

My firts two transactions were in May, went very quickly. How can I get the funds to be “non internal”, “real”, “visible?”. I have read something about 3rd party apps but Iam a bit hesitant to use them .Thanks for your reply !

At least now I can see that funds are there, somewhere…

Edit: actually, they are there !!! The amout is correct! Corresponds with the yesterdayś transaction,only could not be seen in transaction history…