Don't Know Passphrase, Huge Funds Lost

I’ve read across a lot of posts and went through the basic troubleshooting guides–I know that it’s a lost cause and that I can only blame it on myself. Here’s what I am adamant on, though: the Trezor setup has never prompted me to enter a passphrase, so I was very much bewildered when I couldn’t find my funds on my dashboard standard wallet.

I’ve only used ever used it once, when I set it up and I transfered funds to it. So, fast forward to almost a year later, here I am grasping at straws to get my funds back. I guess the point in this whole post is asking about other’s similar experience, and if they’ve had any success using recovery tools/services? I know it’s a long shot, but it’s a considerable amount of coins and I’m going to exhaust all my options–I am also offering a bounty of 4BTC.

If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations, I would really appreciate it. Thanks all, and stay safe!

There is no such thing as recovery tool/service.

Few things to try:

  • Are you even using correct recovery seed?
  • If default wallet is empty then you must have used passphrase
  • Try to remember what you might have used. Have you written it down anywhere? If you get a hunch on which words and how many charactes you used, it might be possible to guess it eventually

You can also check if the funds are still there. Check the address you sent your btc to and its assets and transactions

Hi @Splashboard,

I’m sorry to hear about your loss of funds. The only way to recover your funds is to try and remember the Passphrase. If you didn’t make any Passphrase then maybe your web browser made one for you automatically and saved it. It’s worth a look in the browser’s Saved Passwords.


I’m glad to report that my funds have been recovered! johnny says there’s no such thing as a wallet recovery service, clearly he hasn’t been desperate enough to try–that’s a good thing!

To wrap it up, it wasn’t a Trezor firmware error as I initially thought/hoped. It really is human error. Bounty has been claimed. Dave WRS recovered my wallet successfully with a password from my best-guess list, with alterations of course. But, I had my seed and an idea, so it didn’t need to be brute-forced 'til the end of time.

Thanks everyone. I hope no one goes through the same thing.


if you have a best-gues list , you can find the coin yourself.

Hi I am in the same situation as you were. Did you use BTCRecover to recover your passphrase? Thanks.