Dogecoin Wallet, how to make private key copy

I have my dogecoin wallet set up, how do I see my private keys (to make a cold wallet/paper backup)?

As far as I know, there’s no way to see your private key/seed on your Trezor. You’re supposed to write it down when it’s created … If you didn’t, then I suggest you move your coins out of the Trezor to a software wallet or custody exchange wallet temporarily, wipe and setup the Trezor again (this time be sure to write down the private key), and then move your coins back to your Trezor.

When I created the wallet through the site ( I believe), it never gave me the option to view the keys

Did you select the Backup option during setup? It’s there you create the private key. I think you can skip this step in the setup process but it’s not recommended of course.

When I’m on under Dogecoin, it asks me “add account”, when I click the plus, it instantly creates a new wallet, I don’t see any option to make a backup.

No, it’s not there. You must do a wipe and then run Setup again. The Setup procedure is the same as when you first received your new Trezor. If you have Trezor Model T, then see here and if you have Model one, see here.

IMPORTANT: Before you wipe your Trezor, be sure you have moved any coins you have on it out to another place, for instance a software wallet or a wallet on an exchange, because everything on your Trezor will vanish when you do a wipe!

I have other wallets set up, it’d be a pain to transfer everything off, wipe, and recreate all my wallets.

That’s the only way to get private keys to a dogecoin wallet?

I don’t know of any other way to see your private key on a Trezor. A wallet on Trezor is several layers on top of the private key. If it was possible to see the private key on a Trezor device, then anyone could do it if they got hold of your Trezor and that’d be a big security hazard.

Maybe someone more knowledgable than me can advise you what to do.

Hi @NotSoAnonymous
There is no way to access your private keys unless they are exported directly from your recovery seed.
There are third-party tools capable of deriving the individual private keys from your recovery seed, however, we are not able to evaluate or guarantee the safety of such services, therefore we cannot recommend using them.

During wallet setup, you should have written down a recovery seed - 12 or 24 word long phrase.

This seed is your backup. There is no separate step for Dogecoin, and no way to view raw private keys, apart from this recovery seed.

If you do not have the recovery seed, you will need to move your funds out of Trezor, wipe the device and perform the setup again – this time writing down the seed phrase – before moving coins to Trezor’s new addresses.