DOGE20 (ERC-20) an "unrecognized" token in TREZOR ONE

like many of you, I’ve purchased the new Dogecoin 20 / DOGE20 via UNISWAP as swap against ETH.
From MetaMask, they were transferred to my TREZOR ONE wallet. The TREZOR ONE has been furnished with latest updates, so that a prior installation of DOGE20’s token address is unnecessary or impossible, respectively.
However, the (accurate) total balance of DOGE20 tokens is listed among other ERC-20s as “unrecognized” token and the transaction list shows the respective transfers in a blurry modus. (The value is not presented either, but that’s something I don’t mind at this early stage …).
Does anyone have the same issue, is the issue known by Development; and how do you work on this?
Thank you in advance, Yours, FarView

Hi @FarView,

The reason why you see your ERC20 token DOGE20 in the “unrecognized tokens” group is that contract address of this token is not listed yet. Once it is listed, you will see it in the correct group.

I also checked your ETH address and I can see you already received some airdrop scam tokens to it. Please read this article so you have a better idea of what not to do: Airdrop Scam Tokens in Trezor Suite

Dear Friends, I recently traansfered alarge amount onf ETH tokens frim my Atomic wallet to my Trzor suite. Unfortunately I have a similar issue to the ine addressed herein. I see the tokens in my wallet, but am unable to access tham. Rhe messge is “Unrecognized tokens.” Is there some way to unblock these and move them inton my active ETH coin wallet? Sorry I am pretty new at this. Your knowledgeable assistance is greatkly appreciated.

Dear @radekP ,
many thanks for both advices - means:
a) I keep waiting until the DOGE20 coin is listed and therefore recognized.
b) I will be totally cautious and won’t follow doubtful offers of airdrop (or other) participations.
To let you know, however:
It’s my intention to develop value over a long period of time only by means of direct investment.
Even if not being doubtful, any kind of mining, staking or airdrop does not play a role for me.
The ‘blurry’ lines in my wallet’s transaction list have been caused by (or together with) my own transfers from MetaMask into TREZOR ONE, and I hope they will change their shape soon.

Thank you again, regards, FarView

Dear @Dr.Phoenix ,
I guess your question(s) have automatically been responded by @radekP 's and my correspondence.
If not, I understood from my own exercises that you can principally access (and move) all tokens - this should work, nowithstanding the fact whether a token has been recognized or not.
(Please let me know if I am wrong.)
Yours, FarView

Dear @radekP ,
I have one more (organizational) question:
How could you see my ETH address?
Thanks and regards, FarView

Hi @Dr.Phoenix,

I can confirm that what @FarView mentioned is correct. You can move your tokens no matter the group they are in.

@FarView, you posted your ETH address in your first post. Details can be then seen in every ETH explorer. For the privacy reasons, I will remove the address from your post.

Hello Fqrview. I still seem unable to access or move these thanks…Phoenix

@Dr.Phoenix, you can find information on how to send ERC20 tokens at

Do you see any error messages when trying to send your tokens out? Please, clarify in which step you struggle.

Dear @radekP ,
I am very glad to see that today’s OTA update makes my DOGE20 balance accurately visible in the TREZOR ONE account.
Thanks and regards, FarView

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