Doesn't work sending from Trezor to Kraken

I tride increase Gas, but no sending to Kraken:

Please, help. I didn’t find any help in forum.


hi @oizoCZ has any moderator been able tp help you out yet?

Thanks for asking. Nobody helped me…

It would be beneficial if you provided at least some information.

Do you sign a transaction and it fails?
Is there any error in Suite?
Does it let you send the transaction at all?
Are you sending ETH or tokens?

The address you provided is some kind of contract. Is that where you are sending the coins? Make sure it is correct. Try increasing the gas much higher, you will only pay the gas that will be actually used.

If you do not want to share any transaction ids publicly, please open a support ticket.

Forgi, Hello. I need your help! I have a new Trezor model T. I was able to successfully send bitcoin from Exodus to the Model T but I cannot send bitcoin from the model T back to Exodus.Tom

Hi @bitcoin4me,

General information on how to send cryptocurrencies in Trezor Suite can be found at

Do you see any error messages when sending BTC from Trezor Suite?