Does Trezor Suite natively support Beamx and Metis coins?

Does Trezor Suite app interface natively support Beamx and Metis coins? Both are ERC20 tokens supported by Trezor devices but on trezor io/coins it is showed that both coins are supported only via 3rd party wallets like Metamask…but in Trezor Suite app interface itself it is possible to add both tokens to created ETH address in Trezor Suite app. Which leaves me a little bit confused. If I send these tokens to created ETH addess in Trezor Suite app will the Trezor Suite app interface show their amount or do I need to connect it to the 3rd party wallet to see the amount of the coins? Thanks a lot

Hi @Lubic,

All ERC20 tokens are natively supported in Trezor Suite. Information on how to use ERC20 tokens in Trezor Suite can be found in this video:

You will see these ERC20 tokens under the “Tokens” tab in your ETH account after you send them to your ETH address (click “Receive” and “Show full address” in your ETH account).

The information provided on our coins page is not accurate, thank you for pointing it out, we will add Trezor Suite as supported wallet.