Does recovery restore only empty wallets?

I’m so new to this, I’m trying to understand if recovery restores just an empty wallet?

The initial process requires a backup and apparently only allowed one backup, this would mean the wallet backup is an empty wallet.

I want to add all my cryptocurrency into Trezor T but apparently I have to do this after the backup, am I understanding this right? This would mean my cryptocurrency private keys aren’t backed up in the initial process.

Please help me understand this, I want all my cryptos private keys backed up.

I’m new to Trezor, I just bought mine yesterday.

Can I backup Trezor T on my laptop and also on my sister’s laptop?

Congrats with your new Trezor T, @Jos155! Your backup is the Recovery seed (the 12 english words) you made when you set up the Trezor after unboxing it. If you wrote it down then that’s all you need (plus any Passphrase to a Hidden wallet, if used) to restore your Trezor wallet if you damage or lose it in the future. Your coins are not stored in your Trezor, but in the coin’s blockchain. Your Trezor is only a key to your funds in the blockchain.

So you or your sister can use the Trezor on several PC’s without problems, so long as you keep that Recovery seed (and any Passphrase) safe and stored in a place (not digitally/online) you know and control.

As for your question about Recovery - no, it restores your entire wallet, with funds, if you enter the correct Recovery seed.

Please do not cross-post about the same topic. One message in one sub-forum will suffice.

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Great, thanks. Appreciate your reply…just one more question, so it’s okay to make a backup on two computers? Like mine and my sisters laptop?

As I said above, your backup is the 12 words you, hopefully, wrote down as your Recovery seed. You only do this once, during setup of your device, and it’s not stored any place on your PC. So you don’t “make a backup” afterwards, as you’d do traditionally with software data. The 12 words you wrote down on a piece of paper is your backup. :slight_smile:

Example of a Recoverey seed, your backup. (Here shown with 24 words.)

Thanks again, appreciate your help and advise