Does IP with TOR change (different at the previous conection) every time I connect suite trezor?

Hi, I have some questions about TOR:

  1. Does IP address of TOR change every time I connect?
    that is,
    2.- that it is always different ip of the last times I connect?
    3.- why does a TOR data appear in the configuration that can be modified by the user?
    4.- what does this data mean?
    5.-how can it be modified to guarantee different IP addresses to previous connections?
    Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @annavv

  1. yes
  2. this can’t be guaranteed, but the chance it will be the same is very small - the external IP is taken randomly from people running the tor exit nodes
  3. not sure what you mean
  4. not sure what you mean
  5. it can’t, see point 2