Do "Remember" and "Eject" features create vulnerabilities?

I bought a Trezor Model One to safeguard my tokens just like everyone else. After setting it up, I noticed there are two features - Remember and Eject. I read the helper text, but I am a bit dense, so I don’t fully understand the impact of these selections. I have a personal macbook that nobody else has access to. Does remember and not ejecting my Trezor create any type of security vulnerability like from someone who might try to hack into my machine over the network?

Hi @TexasThor,

The Remember function simply skips the Discovery procedure and displays your funds as it was the last time you looked at your wallet. If you’ve bought or sold any coins recently, you must do a Discovery to update your wallet to the correct values from the blockchains.

Personally, I don’t use the Remember function because I tend to forget it’s ON and then wonder why my wallet isn’t updated. So I let the Discovery procedure run and get my funds every time I connect my Trezor.

The Eject function will disconnect your wallet from Trezor suite. It simply closes the connection between your Trezor device and the software. I use it every time before I unplug my Trezor from the PC, because I’ve noticed I get fewer error situations that way when I plug it in again.

I don’t believe these two functions will be of any security risk, whether you use them or not. For a hacker to transfer funds out of your blockchains (s)he’d have to have access to your Revovery seed, or your Trezor device, so (s)he can acknowledge a transfer out of your wallet.

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Thanks @Petosiris ! I appreciate your detailed response and insights.

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