Deposit BTC from exchange to Trezor / network, chain problem

I want to transfer BTC from exchange to Trezor wallet.
But I find my Trezor wallet for BTC is only using the chain (network?) SegWit.
The exchange told me, for taking out BTC from their exchange, they only support BTC and BSC chain/network.
Bomber, does that mean I can’t deposit BTC from this exchange to Trezor? Thank you everyone here!

Hi @k2022

Trezor supports all types of BTC accounts/addresses so you can just add the desired ones, also they are all cross-compatible.

More info in the following articles:

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Thank you for this.
But I see different options for BTC account types are only 4:
Legacy SegWit
And the exchange told me they only support BTC and BSC chain.
Honestly I never heard of BTC chain, not sure what it is.
Does Trezor support any of the 2 chain?

they are all BTC accounts, just use Legacy segwit, this is supported by every exchange basically.

Thank you for this.
I confirmed with the exchange and they specifically told me they don’t support “SegWit.”
ONLY BTC and BSC chain.
If the wallet doesn’t support the chain “BTC” or “BSC,” it won’t transfer successfully.
That’s what they told me.
Anyone know what is BTC chain for a BTC wallet? Does it has a different name?
Thank you.

You are mixing two things together:

Legacy SegWit
are types of bitcoin addresses, all part of BTC/Bitcoin chain - the first, decentralised, proof-of-work based blockchain:

BSC is a Binance Smart Chain that is network that relies on a system of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus that can support short block time and lower fees.

So it is faster, cheaper, but not decentralised (which is for some users huge tradeoff and absolute no go)

And yes, Trezor support both chains but BSC is not supported in terms of interface (Trezor Suite) so third party wallet has to be used.

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@k2022 Every of this accounts is “BTC chain” if you want to call it like that, just add legacy segwit account, click receive and copy the address, it will work.

You can try with a small amount first.

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Thanks. But the exchange specifically said that they don’t support “Segwit” chain.
So I’m not sure if Legacy Segwit will work.
Their customer service doesn’t respond right now. I’m not sure if they respond till Monday.
And I have to wait 24 hours to test ( for some reasons) so I just want to figure out before I can transfer.
Then I can transfer it quick for sure.
Thanks everyone.

I heard back from the customer service of the exchange.
They apparently doesn’t know if their service compatible with Taproot, legacy, legacy segwit or not.
They only know they don’t support SegWit for sure.
And only support BTC chain and BSC chain for BTC address.
They don’t know the differences between different types of BTC network/chain of BTC wallet.
They ask me to ask the receiving wallet can receive from them or not (as they only support BTC chain and BSC for BTC wallet).

This is a bit frustrating.
By the way, the transaction fee is expensive.
I want to avoid keeping experimenting all 4 types of BTC wallet before proper research.
Thank you.

that is ridiculous, what exchange is that?

yes, it will…can you just copy your address into their transaction form? You will see right away the invalid message address, or something like that.
If it is not supported, your transaction will not happen. Simple as that.

really? The fee to send a fast transaction now is literally 50 cents… unless they are charging you some extra withdrawal fee which I would not be surprised…

Thank you so much for you replies. Yes, there’re withdraw fees they charge for each withdraw.
After my own research and many back and forth with the customer service.
I insisted that they should be the one who knows what chains they support for BTC wallet.
Since the wallet side is already very clear.
They finally found the answer. After several days, many emails…

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