Delivery of Trezor in UK

I’m in the UK and about to order a Trezor. Being slightly paranoid about security, I have created an anonymous PO box where I can recieve deliveries so that I do not have to put my name and address into the Trezor site in case of data breach. Can you tell me if orders for UK delivery are shipped from a UK location? If from outside then my PO box will be redundant as I don’t think Royal Mail are going to collect from an address outside the UK to deliver to me. And if so, can I specify that it be sent to me via Royal Mail only as only Royal Mail can deliver to a PO box? Or am I resrtricted to whichever carrer Trezor uses in the UK? (in which case by PO box will also be redundant). Long message, apologies. Hope it’s clear.

I live in The Netherlands so I would have no idea, but since the UK is no longer part of the EU there could be huge import costs and last time I heard the UK wanted to make encryption weaker or add a backdoor. I’m not sure if this laws has passed or not, but the UK government wanted to make encryption of any kind for any purposes illegal. It would be better to do research first on your laws regarding encryption and on the import costs.

I wish you good luck, but do your research.

I thought the UK trezors were delivered out of Manchester somewhere.
But not exactly sure.
i think trezor delete all personal data they have about your order after 3 months.
They need some data in case there is an issue with the device

No, from Europe (EU) and some products from the US. For example the Cryptotag Zeus (metal backup for seed phrase) get sent from the US. Also, wouldn’t make any sense to import them from the UK because Trezor is an EU company

I checked my order in the past and my Trezor came from Czechia (Czech Republic), which is an EU member state. Trezor is also a company in the Czech Republic

Hi - thanks v much, I think you’re right as I found that info on their FAQ’s page (cd have found that earlier myself I suppose)! Only issue is, they use DPD only I thinkm can’t see any way that I can specify Royal Mail. Anyway, thanks v much.

Thanks Remzi - looks like UK device are shipped from UK location after all. One less headache for me to worry about!

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Forum won’t allow me to post links but this is fro the FAQ page.

Delivery in the UK and USA

Orders delivered to customers in the United Kingdom and the United States of America are dispatched by local fulfillment centers using local delivery services.

  • The US orders are shipped from Chattanooga (TN), Grapevine (TX), Phoenix (AZ).
  • The UK orders are shipped from Manchester.
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Yeah I did think they were coming out of manchester